dreamstime_l_26117951American Safety Options offers training and certifications in CPR and First Aid. The training program allows participants to complete the cardiopulmonary resuscitation automated external defibrillator and first aid class/workshops. This training is essential for both home care providers and those seeking home health jobs as well as those in babysitting classes.

ASO training provides Pennsylvania agencies with the tools needed to meet federal and state related requirements for both CNAs and HHA employees. We understand that in-service training is very important because it protects the employers from unwanted law suites and keeps clients safe and happy from abuse.

This program is ideal for those who would like to have a career as future emergency response staff and other community service positions that require CPR and First Aid Certifications:

  • assisted living facility staff
  • companions
  • day care workers
  • nannies or babysitters
  • nursing home attendants
  • parents
  • school bus drivers
  • social workers
  • teachers

If you are looking for home health jobs or an agency who employs home care providers and you are interested in participating in our adult and child CPR, first aid, and AED training, please fill out the contact form and get in touch with us today.