American Safety Options, Inc

Assessments and Services

Our home health care agency offers customizable services tailored to your individual needs. Under the direction of the attending physician and qualified staff, we plan and coordinate a range of services appropriate to your requirements. Our offerings include skilled nursing, home health aide, psychiatric services, home dialysis, physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.

  • Skilled Nursing Care: Our agency provides skilled nursing care by RNs or LPNs trained and experienced in-home care. Nurses maintain regular communication with their physicians to update their care plans. Services may include assessing patient needs, performing skilled nursing procedures, educating patients, families, and caregivers on disease management and prevention, and coordinating care with your healthcare team.

  • Home Health Aide: These services are provided when applicable alongside skilled nursing care, and physical, or speech therapy. A licensed nurse or physical therapist supervises home health aide services. Visits occur Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, and on Saturdays by appointment or approval from administration. Every effort is made to maintain consistency in scheduling with the same home health aide for each visit, unless unforeseen circumstances arise. In such cases, patients are notified of schedule changes via phone call.

Funding Options

Funding for our elder care programs is sourced from various public waiver programs and private insurance options.

  • Public Funding Streams: We offer a range of programs tailored to individuals with intellectual disabilities, including intermediate care facility (ICF/IID) community and campus-based options, consolidated waiver programs, person/family-directed support waivers, and out-of-state referrals. Each program is designed to meet specific needs and preferences, ensuring comprehensive care and support for individuals and families.

  • Private Funding Streams: Our services can be accessed through various private pay resources, including trusts, insurance, legal settlements, and other financial models. We provide flexible payment options to accommodate diverse financial situations, ensuring accessibility to our quality care and support services.

American Safety Options, Inc