1. Ways To Help Your Elderly In Taking Care Of Pets

    As a person advances in age, he usually develops physical limitations. He will not be able to move like he used to or do the things that he used to do. As such, he will be needing assistance for different activities he does daily. American Safety Options, Inc. understands that these limitations can hinder the ability of your elderly to take care of his own pets at home. Although having pets are be…Read More

  2. What Triggers Your Seniors’ Sense of Smell Problems

    Aging can be one major factor that triggers the changes of your seniors’ olfactory system. In fact, age-related changes are very common but also over-blamed for older people’s health problems. Blaming everything to aging means you are rejecting the possibility of a much more serious underlying cause of the problem. A smelling disorder can often develop to older people ages 60-69. Healthcare pr…Read More

  3. 5 Activities That Stimulate Mental Awareness In The Elderly

    Like the body that needs physical exercises to stay healthy, the brain also needs stimulation to boost the mental awareness of the individual. The level of your mental awareness can greatly affect your perception of things as well as the sharpness of your memory. As people age, such mental awareness declines, though. But, there are activities one can do for mental stimulation. American Safety Opti…Read More

  4. ASO As A Worthy Alternative To Nursing Home Care: Here Are 3 Reasons Why

    There’s an ongoing tug of war between home health care providers and outside nursing home facilities. Both camps have trumpeted their advantages over the other and moved heaven and earth to entice customers to come to either side. We at American Safety Options, Inc., the multi-service Home Health Agency in Newtown Square Pennsylvania, have only two things to say to you, our customers: One, patro…Read More

  5. ASO Ensures Your Safety and Wellbeing Through Home Grown Caregivers

    Our company, American Safety Options, Inc., is not considered a multi-service home health agency for nothing. The go-to Home Health Agency in Newtown Square Pennsylvania can be compared to a busy hive of different activities and concerns. There’s of course our home health agency. There’s also our career institute (ASO-CI), the American Child Care and Development Center (ACDC), the community ho…Read More

  6. Signs and Symptoms of Stroke

    The signs and symptoms of stroke differ from person to person but the most common among all those who suffer from it is its sudden onset. Since it involves the brain and its different functions, your symptoms will depend on the affected part of your nervous system, particularly the brain, and the degree of the injury. The main symptoms of stroke can be easily remembered with the mnemonics FAST wh…Read More